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Fig. 3

From: Oral vitamin C supplementation to patients with myeloid cancer on azacitidine treatment: Normalization of plasma vitamin C induces epigenetic changes

Fig. 3

Influence of severe vitamin C deficiency (a), TET2 mutations (b), and DNMTi naivety (c) on global 5hmC/5mC or 5mC levels at baseline. Global 5hmC/5mC ratio and 5mC levels in: a patients with (n = 7) vs without (n = 13) severe vitamin C deficiency (plasma levels < 11.4 μM) at baseline, b patients with (n = 7) vs without (n = 13) a TET2 mutation, and c DNMTi naïve (n = 11) vs non-naïve (n = 9) patients. Difference between groups is analysed with a Welch two-sample t test. Global 5mC and 5hmC levels are quoted relative to total levels of deoxyguanosine (dG). The 5hmC/dG level is further related to its substrate, i.e. to the 5mC/dG level (5hmC/5mC)

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