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Fig. 2

From: Epigenetic down-regulation of the HIST1 locus predicts better prognosis in acute myeloid leukemia with NPM1 mutation

Fig. 2

Analysis of H3K27me3 HIST1 level in CN-AML patients with NPM1 mutation. a Consort diagram showing number and overlap of NPM1mut AML samples analyzed in the different experiments. b Analysis of H3K27me3 HIST1 status in CD34low and CD34high blast populations. The left panel presents an H3K27me3 HIST1high patient and the right panel an H3K27me3 HIST1low patient. For each panel are shown: the gating strategy for separating blast cells according CD34 expression level (upper left), the H3K27me3 HIST1 status on the bulk population (upper right), on CD34low blast population (lower left) and on CD34high blast population (lower right). c OS and EFS in NPM1mut CN-AML patients according to H3K27me3 HIST1 status (n = 103). d OS and EFS in NPM1mut/FLT3wt CN-AML patients according to H3K27me3 HIST1 status (n = 53). Statistical significance was estimated using the log-rank test

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