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Fig. 1

From: Epigenetic synthetic lethality approaches in cancer therapy

Fig. 1

Epigenetic synthetic lethality approaches. a In normal cells, inhibiting one molecule in a synthetic lethal pair may lead to a compensatory response of another molecule, and therefore the cells survive. b Mutations in cancer cells are represented by red stars. In cancer cells with mutations, one molecule of synthetic lethal part has changed, and the specific inhibitor has inhibited another molecule, so it cannot produce complementarity or antagonism, leading to cell death. This review mainly introduces three epigenetic synthesis of lethal strategies. Strategy 1 uses epigenetic inhibitors in cells with epigenetic mutations cells; strategy 2 uses non-epigenetic inhibitors in cells with epigenetic mutations; and strategy 3 uses epigenetic inhibitors in cells with non-epigenetic mutations. Specific mutations and inhibitors are shown in the figure

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