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Fig. 3

From: Childhood traumatization is associated with differences in TRPA1 promoter methylation in female patients with multisomatoform disorder with pain as the leading bodily symptom

Fig. 3

a Mean methylation of average CpG methylation of CpG -480 and -429 is displayed for females from control and MSD cohort according to the CTQ severity score. Non-parametrical testing of the three groups reveals significant differences between female patients with severe trauma and mild trauma as well as severe trauma and no trauma. After correction for multiple comparisons, patients with severe trauma significantly differ from patients without trauma (p = 0.01, test statistic = 21.107, df = 2). b Overall mean methylation of female patients and controls according to CTQ severity score. Non-parametric testing shows a significant difference in mean methylation overall between patients with “no trauma” and “severe trauma” (p = 0.012) which remained significant after correcting for multiple comparisons

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