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Table 4 Statistically significant differentially methylated regions (DMRs) (Sidak P value < 0.05) for total breastfeeding duration

From: Duration of breastfeeding is associated with leptin (LEP) DNA methylation profiles and BMI in 10-year-old children

Age Location No. of probes Slk P value Sidak P value Ref gene name and genomic feature CpG feature
10 chr10:104535854-104535920 2 4.62E−07 0.005 WBP1L TSS200; body; 5′UTR;1stExon NA
10 chr19:54567060-54567128 3 3.74E−07 0.004 VSTM1 5′UTR;1stExon; body NA
18 chr22:37678728-37678791 2 2.49E−07 0.002 CYTH4 Body NA
  1. Both Slk = uncorrected Stouffer-Liptak-Kechris P values, and Sidak P values corrected for multiple testing are reported. Here, 5′UTR = 5 prime untranslated region; TSS200 = 0–200 bases upstream from the transcription start sites; TSS1500 = 200–1500 bases upstream from the transcriptional start site; body = gene body