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Table 2 Association between total breastfeeding duration and LEP DNAm at 10 years

From: Duration of breastfeeding is associated with leptin (LEP) DNA methylation profiles and BMI in 10-year-old children

Probe name Estimate SE P value
cg03084214 5.23E−04 2.33E−04 0.026
cg11005360 − 2.39E−04 1.07E−04 0.027
cg23381058 − 4.91E−04 1.96E−04 0.013
cg23753947 1.73E−04 8.20E−05 0.036
  1. Columns: Probe name = LEP CpG sites from Illumina Infinium MethylationEPIC Beadchip significantly associated with total breastfeeding duration; Estimate = coefficient denoting the increase or decrease in methylation by one unit (in week) of increase of total breastfeeding duration; SE = standard error of coefficient; P value < 0.05 was considered significant. Only the four CpG sites considered significant are included, see Additional file 1: Table S5, for all 23 CpG sites tested