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Fig. 3

From: DNA methylome-wide alterations associated with estrogen receptor-dependent effects of bisphenols in breast cancer

Fig. 3

Cell viability of MCF-7 cells treated with BPA, BPF, and BPS ± ERI. Cell viability (trypan blue assay) of MCF-7 cells is shown following treatment with different doses of BPA, BPF, and BPS ± ERI for 24 h (A1, B1, C1), 48 h (A2, B2, C2), and 72 h (A3, B3, C3), respectively. Cell viability was calculated as percentage relative to control, and data are presented as mean + standard error of the mean (SEM) of at least three independent trials. Comparisons were performed between each treatment condition and control using analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Dunnett post hoc test (*p < 0.05 and **p < 0.001) and between the same treatment condition ± ERI using ANOVA followed by Tukey’s HSD (honestly significant difference) post hoc test (#p < 0.05 and ##p < 0.001)

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