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Fig. 8

From: Deficiency and haploinsufficiency of histone macroH2A1.1 in mice recapitulate hematopoietic defects of human myelodysplastic syndrome

Fig. 8

Expression analysis of two macroH2A1 transcript variants in MDS cells. a, b Relative mRNA expression of macroH2A1.1 (a) or macroH2A1.2 (b) in bone marrow samples from healthy individuals (n = 5), MDS patients with a 5q deletion (del5q; n = 15), or without del5q (NK, normal karyotype; n = 4), and MDS patients carrying other different chromosomal aberrations (AK, abnormal karyotype; n = 5). c, d MacroH2A1.1 and macroH2A1.2 mRNA levels were also compared between healthy individuals, MDS patients without the U2AF1 S34F mutation (wild type, wt), and MDS patients with the U2AF1 S34F mutation (mut). The p values are indicated, compared to healthy individuals

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