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Fig. 2

From: Co-inhibition of HDAC and MLL-menin interaction targets MLL-rearranged acute myeloid leukemia cells via disruption of DNA damage checkpoint and DNA repair

Fig. 2

Co-treatment with chidamide and MI-3 induces robust apoptosis, in association with increased ROS generation and loss of mitochondrial membrane potential. a MOLM-13 cells were treated with 2.63 μM chidamide ± 13.88 μM MI-3 for 48 h, followed by the colony formation assay. b, c MOLM-13 cells were treated as above, after which flow cytometric analysis was performed to determine percentage of Annexin V+ apoptotic cells (b) and cells with loss of mitochondrial membrane potential (c). ac The representative results were shown (left), and the data for at least three independent experiments was presented as bar graphs (right). d In parallel, intracellular ROS levels were measured by flow cytometry using the Reactive Oxygen Species Assay Kit. Values indicate mean ± SEM for at least three independent experiments performed in triplicate (***P < 0.001)

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