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Fig. 1

From: High-resolution analysis of germ cells from men with sex chromosomal aneuploidies reveals normal transcriptome but impaired imprinting

Fig. 1

Micrographs demonstrating the presence of germ cells in testicular tissues of selected Klinefelter patients. ad show PAS-stained sections and e–h depict sections following immunohistochemical stainings for VASA/DDX4. Germ cell types within the seminiferous tubules are indicated using black arrows for spermatogonia, white arrows for spermatocytes, and arrow heads for spermatids. Seminiferous tubules devoid of germ cells are marked by asterisks. Normal qualitatively normal spermatogenesis, KS Klinefelter syndrome, + with germ cells, − without germ cells, SCO Sertoli cell-only. Scale bars represent 50 μm

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