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Fig. 7

From: Promoter methylation of SEPT9 as a potential biomarker for early detection of cervical cancer and its overexpression predicts radioresistance

Fig. 7

SEPT9 is mediated by miR-375 that transferred from tumor cells to TAMs. a Heat map diagram depicting expression of miRNAs dysregulated in CSCC from TCGA. b The expression of miR-375 in SEPT9 high and low expression patients from TCGA. c The relative miR-375 expression in CaSki transfected with siSEPT9 or SEPT9-LV. d CaSki transfected with SEPT9-LV or NC-LV were transiently transfected with RFP-labeled miR-375 or miR-NC were co-cultured with PMA-treated THP-1. Fluorescence microscopy was used to detect the red signals in THP-1 cells. e THP-1 cells were treated with PMA for 24 h and were transfected with miR-NC/375 mimics, then 20 ng/ml IL-4, and 20 ng/ml IL-10 were added for another 24 h. The proteins of both cells were isolated and the expression of M1 and M2 markers was detected

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