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Table 2 Summary statistics from discovery and replication from gene-based analysis comparing ADEH+ individuals to non-atopic healthy controls, adjusted for Eos and Neu fractions. Both significant CpGs from the discovery stage were suggestive for replication (based on a Bonferroni correction for 9 tests)

From: Replicated methylation changes associated with eczema herpeticum and allergic response

     Discovery data set Replication data set
ID CHR POS (hg19) GENE Diff_EHNA Pval_EHNA qval_EHNA Diff_EHNA Pval_EHNA
cg23943829 5 132009111 IL4 − 0.1425 0.0002 0.0287 − 0.0996 0.0509
cg04303330 5 131992430 IL13 − 0.1516 0.0007 0.044 − 0.1226 0.0941
  1. Diff_EHNA difference in methylation values (M-value scale) between ADEH+ and healthy control group, Pval_EHNA p value obtained from ADEH+ vs healthy control differential methylation analysis, qval_EHNA FDR corrected q values calculated on a set of CpGs in our genes of interest