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Fig. 5

From: DNA methylation signature is prognostic of choroid plexus tumor aggressiveness

Fig. 5

CPC specific DNA methylation signature of 34 CPT samples Heatmap (a) and PCA (b) of 59 differentially methylated CpG sites encompassing 33 candidate genes extracted from the dataset of 3361 CpG sites by applying increased stringency (p < 0.001 and at least 0.4 delta beta). Hierarchical clustering was done using Euclidean metric. High methylation = yellow; low methylation = blue; TP53 status: wild type = green, mutated = orange; diagnosis: cpc = red, acpp = pink, cpp = turquoise. The numbers 1, 2, and 3 in PCA plot represent component 1, component 2, and component 3.

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