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Table 3 Comb-p regions with multiple test-corrected p < 0.05 in WHI and Bonferroni p < 0.05 in FHS

From: DNA methylation modules associate with incident cardiovascular disease and cumulative risk factor exposure

     Discovery Replication
Location # CpGs Annotated gene Genomic region p Adj. P p
chr1:27440462-27440721 3 SLC9A1 Body 1.75e −08 2.85e −05 1.03e −04
chr19:47287777-47288263 6 SLC1A5 CpG shelf near TSS 5.91e −e-04 3.80e −10  
chr17:76037034-76037562 6 TNRC6C CpG island in 5’ UTR 1.67e −05 1.33e −02 1.89e −04