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Table 1 Gene ontology enrichment analysis of genes annotated to the 5000 top-end statistically most significant unique DMCpGs identified in IPSC-derived DAn from sPD and L2PD patients

From: Whole-genome DNA hyper-methylation in iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons from Parkinson’s disease patients

Code Biological processes p value FDR
GO:0006928 Movement of cell or subcellular component 6.66E−16 6.06E−12
GO:0040011 Locomotion 5.33E−14 2.42E−10
GO:0022008 Neurogenesis 1.58E−13 4.78E−10
GO:0048646 Anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis 2.66E−12 4.38E−09
GO:0048870 Cell motility 2.89E−12 4.38E−09
GO:0051674 Localization of cell 2.89E−12 4.38E−09
GO:0007417 Central nervous system development 4.33E−12 5.49E−09
GO:0009887 Animal organ morphogenesis 5.11E−12 5.49E−09
GO:0030182 Neuron differentiation 5.58E−12 5.49E−09
GO:0048666 Neuron development 6.04E−12 5.49E−09
Code Cellular component p value FDR
GO:0097458 Neuron part 1 < E−17 1 < E−17
GO:0031226 Intrinsic component of plasma membrane 1 < E−17 1 < E−17
GO:0005887 Integral component of plasma membrane 1 < E−17 1 < E−17
GO:0044463 Cell projection part 1 < E−17 1 < E−17
GO:0120038 Plasma membrane-bounded cell projection part 1 < E−17 1 < E−17
GO:0043005 Neuron projection 1 < E−17 1 < E−17
GO:0098590 Plasma membrane region 1 < E−17 1 < E−17
GO:0045202 Synapse 1 < E−17 1 < E−17
GO:0044456 Synapse part 1 < E−17 1 < E−17
GO:0098794 Postsynapse 1 < E−17 1 < E−17
Code Molecular function p value FDR
GO:0008092 Cytoskeletal protein binding 2.34E−07 3.42E−04
GO:0004653 Polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase activity 4.93E−07 3.42E−04
GO:0004714 Transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase activity 7.34E−07 3.42E−04
GO:0001012 RNA polymerase II regulatory region DNA binding 8.79E−07 3.42E−04
GO:0019199 Transmembrane receptor protein kinase activity 9.94E−07 3.42E−04
GO:0000977 RNA polymerase II regulatory region sequence-specific DNA binding 1.25E−06 3.42E−04
GO:0005088 Ras guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity 1.28E−06 3.42E−04
GO:0005085 Guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity 2.56E−06 6.00E−04
GO:0019904 Protein domain-specific binding 3.30E−06 6.87E−04
GO:0005509 Calcium ion binding 3.85E−06 7.22E−04
  1. Enrichment p values were adjusted by FDR multiple testing correction