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Table 2 FDA-approved drugs with epigenetic effects

From: Peptides as epigenetic modulators: therapeutic implications

Drugs Classification Indicated disease Approved year
Procainamide DNMTi Cardiac arrhythmia 1950
Hydralazine DNMTi Hypertension 1953
Valproic acid HDACi Epilepsy/seizures 1978
Nesiritide LncRNA upregulator Heart failure 2001
Azacitidine DNMTi MDS 2004
Vorinostat HDACi CTCL 2006
Decitabine DNMTi MDS 2006
Romidepsin HDACi CTCL/PTCL 2009/2011
Ruxolitinib JAK1/2 inhibitor Myelofibrosis 2011
Belinostat HDACi PTCL 2015
Panobinostat HDACi MM 2015
  1. MDS myelodysplastic syndrome, CTCL cutaneous T cell lymphoma, PTCL peripheral T cell lymphoma, MM multiple myeloma