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Fig. 4

From: Clustered protocadherins methylation alterations in cancer

Fig. 4

Colon discovery set unsupervised hierarchical clustering analysis based on the average methylation β value for each of the aberrantly methylated CGI. Heatmap obtained by UHC of CRC, CRA, CRC-matched normals and CRA-matched normals. All CRCs branched in a same group separated from control samples, except for sample 279T. Adenomas samples clustered randomly, 12 of them branched along CRCs and the others resembled the methylation status of normal samples. No correlation was observed between methylation profile and localization/subtype/staging in CRCs and CRAs. To the right of the heatmap, further information are reported: histology, localization, MSI status, Dukes and grade. CRC colorectal cancer, CRA colorectal adenoma, MSI microsatellite instability, WT wild-type

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