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Fig. 2

From: Parent-of-origin-specific allelic expression in the human placenta is limited to established imprinted loci and it is stably maintained across pregnancy

Fig. 2

Examples of analyzed candidate imprinted genes stratified based on the proportions of transcribed parental alleles. A gene was confirmed as imprinted, when it was expressed in a high-confidence parent-of-origin-specific manner (binomial test, Pcorr < 0.05; > 90% transcripts originating from one parental allele). Biased parental allelic expression was defined when a significant deviation from the equal proportions of transcribed parental alleles was observed, but it did not correspond to exclusive monoallelic transcription (binomial test, Pcorr < 0.05; 65–90% of reads from one parental allele). A gene was confirmed as biallelically expressed when the proportions of parental reads did not differ significantly from the expected ratio (Pcorr > 0.05) and/or the estimated proportions of both parental allelic reads fall within 35–65%. Detailed information on all analyzed genes is provided in Additional file 8: Table S6 and in the assembled gene-based catalog (Additional file 9: Figure S2), including data of parental allelic proportions and expression for all analyzed clinical subgroups. GD, gestational diabetes; LGA, large-for-gestational-age newborn; PE, preeclampsia; SGA, small-for-gestational-age newborn; Trim, trimester

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