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Table 3 Mendelian randomization analysis of top differentially methylated CpGs tested against 106 diseases

From: DNA methylation links prenatal smoking exposure to later life health outcomes in offspring

Exposure Gene Disease β SE P value FDR P value Unit
cg15578140 MIR548F3 Inflammatory bowel disease − 0.104 0.018 3.73E−09 2.54E−07 Log odds
cg09935388 GFI1 Inflammatory bowel disease − 0.152 0.034 7.27E−06 2.18E−04 Log odds
cg04598670 Unknown Inflammatory bowel disease − 0.410 0.091 7.27E−06 5.24E−04 Log odds
cg09935388 GFI1 Crohn’s disease − 0.162 0.040 4.74E−05 7.12E−04 Log odds
cg04598670 Unknown Crohn’s disease − 0.439 0.108 4.74E−05 1.71E−03 Log odds
cg09935388 GFI1 Ulcerative colitis − 0.160 0.042 1.47E−04 1.47E−03 Log odds
cg04598670 Unknown Ulcerative colitis − 0.433 0.114 1.47E−04 3.52E−03 Log odds
cg25189904 GNG12 Schizophrenia − 0.222 0.053 3.37E−05 1.82E−03 Log odds
  1. Only significant associations (PFDR < 0.05) are shown
  2. GFI1 growth factor independent protein 1, MIR548F3 microRNA 548f-3, GNG12 guanine nucleotide binding protein gamma 12, β effect size estimate, SE standard error FDR false discovery rate