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Table 2 Three DMRs consistently associated with famine in both experiments (Chinese famine samples and fibroblasts samples)

From: DNA methylation changes related to nutritional deprivation: a genome-wide analysis of population and in vitro data

DMRs Gene promoters CHR Region (hg19) CpG numbers β value (Chinese) p value (Chinese) β value (Fibroblasts) p value (Fibroblasts)
DMR1 ENO2 chr12 7023752–7024121 4 − 0.0243 1.19E−04 − 0.1523 7.42E−04
DMR2 ZNF226 chr19 44669146–44669354 5 − 0.0636 9.21E−03 − 0.3155 1.07E−03
DMR3 CCDC51 chr3 48481268–48481793 13 − 0.0290 7.87E−04 − 0.2318 1.25E−06
  1. DMR differentially methylated regions, CHR chromosome, hg19 human genome version 19. The first column of the table shows the DMR identifier and followed by the gene name which belongs to the DMR. The chromosome of the gene is provided and followed by the more precise region in hg19 (human genome version 19). The number of significant CpGs response to nutrition deprivation in both studies is presented, and β value and p value of DMRs in both studies are also presented. β value in each study refers to the mean β values of identified CpG in each DMR