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Fig. 7

From: DNA methylation profiling allows for characterization of atrial and ventricular cardiac tissues and hiPSC-CMs

Fig. 7

Bisulfite pyrosequencing analysis of candidate CpG loci in hiPSC-CMs: test of AVM pattern. The methylation values (percentage) of the initial discovery set (450K array analysis of atrial (n = 44, coloured dark blue) and ventricular (n = 5, coloured light blue) cardiac tissues from patients with CHDs) and in vitro-cultivated atrial and ventricular subtypes of hiPSC-CM 2D monolayers and 3D-engineered heart tissues (bisulfite pyrosequencing analysis, n = 4 atrial-like and n = 8 ventricular-like hiPSC-CMs; coloured dark violet and magenta, respectively) are depicted. CpG loci with significant (p < 0.05) differences in atrial and ventricular-like hiPSC-CMs showing similar AVM pattern as compared to the pattern in primary human atrial and ventricular cardiac tissues (discovery set) are marked with ‘AVM’. ‘Tendency loci’ with similar AVM pattern, that did not reach significance, are marked with ‘AVM*’ and loci showing opposite AVM pattern are marked with ‘inv’. Data is presented as standard box-and-whiskers plots (whiskers, 5th—95th percentile)

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