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Fig. 1

From: Neuronal methylome reveals CREB-associated neuro-axonal impairment in multiple sclerosis

Fig. 1

Predominant DNA hypo-methylation and hyper-hydroxymethylation in neurons from multiple sclerosis patients. a Density plots of oxBS (purple) and BS (green) β-values after subset-quantile within array normalization (SWAN)-based type I/II normalization used for downstream analysis. Venn diagram (b) and Circos plot (c) illustrating number of significant sites and differences (Δβ) in true DNA methylation (5mC, purple), hydroxymethylation (5hmC, orange) and bulk methylation (BS, green) between patients (n = 10) and non-neurological controls (n = 7) (adjusted P value < 0.05). Red and blue circular ideograms represent hyper- and hypo-methylated sites, respectively. The outer track is an hg19 ideogram illustrating chromosome and cytoband information

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