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Fig. 5

From: Epigenetic silencing of miR-340-5p in multiple myeloma: mechanisms and prognostic impact

Fig. 5

Effect of miR-340-5p in the regulation of target genes and signaling pathways. a Upon overexpression of miR-340-5p, relative expression levels of myeloma-related known target genes of miR-340-5p, including CCND1, MDM2, NFKB1, and NRAS, and bioinformatically predicted oncogenic target genes involved in MAPK (MEKK1, MEKK2, and MEKKK3), apoptosis (XIAP), and TP53 (MDM4) signaling pathways were shown. Error bars represent the standard deviation from three independent qRT-PCR. b Western blot analysis of phospho-ERK1/2, total-ERK1/2 (downstream to MAPK signaling), and XIAP upon transfection with miR-340-5p mimics or scramble control were shown. β-Actin was set as the endogenous control and normalizer for densitometric analysis of protein levels. Relative normalized protein levels are shown above the corresponding band. c In CD138-sorted primary samples, using ΔCt, the expression of miR-340-5p was plotted against XIAP, and a significant inverse correlation was demonstrated

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