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Fig. 2

From: Epigenetic silencing of miR-340-5p in multiple myeloma: mechanisms and prognostic impact

Fig. 2

Methylation and expression of miR-340-5p and its host gene, RNF130, in HMCLs. By qRT-PCR, methylation of RNF130/miR-340 was significantly correlated with lower expression level and hence larger ΔCt of both a miR-340-5p (MM vs. UU, P = 0.026; MM + MU vs. UU, P = 0.002) and b its host gene, RNF130 (MM vs. UU, P = 0.006; MM + MU vs. UU, P = 2.54E−4). c In HMCLs, using ΔCt, the expression of RNF130 was plotted against miR-340-5p, and hence a concordant expression of miR-340-5p and its host gene was shown. In WL-2 cells (d) and RPMI-8226R cells (e), both completely methylated for RNF130/miR-340, treatment with 5-AzadC led to RNF130/miR-340 promoter demethylation, as evidenced by the emergence of U-MSP signal and concomitant re-expression of mature miR-340-5p in WL-2 cells (f) and RMPI-8226R cells (g). Error bars represent the standard deviation from three independent qRT-PCR

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