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Fig. 3

From: DNA methylome profiling of granulosa cells reveals altered methylation in genes regulating vital ovarian functions in polycystic ovary syndrome

Fig. 3

Validation of CpG methylation status of a few differentially methylated genes identified by MC-Seq. The figure depicts “box and whisker” plots for genes whose single CpG site was validated or “bar graphs” for genes in which validation was performed for CpG sites > 1. The plots compare percent (%) methylation for the stated CpG sites between cumulus granulosa cells (CGCs) of controls (C-CC, n = 17) and women with PCOS (P-CC, n = 17). Data for box plots are presented as whiskers ranging from minimum to maximum values and data for bar graphs are presented as “mean + SEM” using the Mann-Whitney U test. *P <  0.05, **P <  0.01, 'ns' denotes no significant change.

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