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Fig. 1

From: Novel parent-of-origin-specific differentially methylated loci on chromosome 16

Fig. 1

Parent-of-origin biased differential DNA methylation on chromosome 16. a Regions with preferential maternal methylation are written in red font, those with paternal methylation in blue. Symbols next to gene names associated with differentially methylated regions indicate the tissue in which the parent-of-origin biases in methylation could be observed (teardrop, blood; triangle, lung; diamond, fibroblast). b Differential methylation at known imprinted locus ZNF597. Horizontal bars indicate known regions of differential methylation (red, maternal methylation; blue, paternal methylation). c Differential methylation at suspected imprinted locus near PRR25 (pink horizontal bars). Differential methylation at 16q24.1 TLDC1/COTL1-intergenic locus (d) and CRISPLD2 (e). White areas in b–e indicated regions suggestive of parent-of-origin biased methylation based on our analysis, gray-shaded areas fall outside these boundaries. Lines in b–e bottom panels were created using LOESS smoothing with a span of 0.1, causing some data points to extend beyond the expected 0–100% methylation range. B blood, F fibroblast, L lung

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