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Table 2 Reports of SETDB2 and its role in different cell types

From: Emerging roles of H3K9me3, SETDB1 and SETDB2 in therapy-induced cellular reprogramming

Cell type(s) Reported aberration of SETDB2 Regulatory role of SETDB2 Downstream target genes Biological effects of SETDB2 activity Reference
Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Upregulation Inhibition CDKN2C Hyperproliferation [87]
Gastric cancer Upregulation Inhibition WWOX and CADM1 Apoptotic inhibition/may promote metastasis [92]
Colorectal and gastric cancer Frameshift mutation Increased microsatellite instability [94]
Renal cell carcinoma Downregulation Promotes metastasis [91]
Breast cancer Homozygous deletion Associated with greater survival of breast cancer patients [90]
Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) 1 Mb deletion Associated with CLL progression [93]
Melanoma, lung adenocarcinoma, colorectal carcinoma Upregulation Inhibition Higher expression of SETDB2 associated with adaptive resistance [15]