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Fig. 3

From: Early detection of colorectal cancer based on presence of methylated syndecan-2 (SDC2) in stool DNA

Fig. 3

Results of SDC2 methylation analysis from two reactions in stool DNA. Distribution of SDC2 methylation was expressed in CT values as 40-CT for each sample. A higher 40-CT represents a higher methylation level of SDC2. It is represented as 0 if the SDC2 methylation was not detectable. Methylation status of SDC2 gene is plotted as box and whisker plots. CRC colorectal cancer (stage 0–IV), HOP hyperplastic or other polyps, NA non-advanced adenomas (< 1.0 cm), AA advanced adenomas (≥ 1.0 cm), GC gastric cancer, LC liver cancer, NED no evidence of disease

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