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Table 3 List of top enriched GO-BP terms for each region DMGs

From: Identification of potential blood biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease by gene expression and DNA methylation data integration analysis

Direction Region ID Description p value p adjust
Hyper-methylated TSS1500 GO:0031295 T cell costimulation 1.03E−09 1.40E−06
Hyper-methylated TSS1500 GO:0031294 Lymphocyte costimulation 1.44E−09 1.40E−06
Hyper-methylated TSS1500 GO:1903037 Regulation of leukocyte cell-cell adhesion 6.11E−08 3.95E−05
Hyper-methylated 5′UTR GO:0050851 Antigen receptor-mediated signaling pathway 3.83E−08 9.36E−05
Hyper-methylated 5′UTR GO:0050852 T cell receptor signaling pathway 3.88E−07 4.74E−04
Hyper-methylated 5′UTR GO:0002768 Immune response-regulating cell surface receptor signaling pathway 9.75E−06 7.16E−03
Hyper-methylated 5′UTR GO:0042110 T cell activation 1.17E−05 7.16E−03
Hyper-methylated 1stExon GO:0050851 Antigen receptor-mediated signaling pathway 2.06E−07 3.81E−04
Hyper-methylated 1stExon GO:0050852 T cell receptor signaling pathway 4.35E−06 2.86E−03
Hyper-methylated 1stExon GO:0042110 T cell activation 4.64E−06 2.86E−03
Hyper-methylated Body GO:0042110 T cell activation 6.82E−08 1.66E−04
Hyper-methylated Body GO:0030217 T cell differentiation 3.62E−07 4.41E−04
Hyper-methylated Body GO:0030098 Lymphocyte differentiation 5.90E−07 4.79E−04
Hyper-methylated 3′UTR GO:0002791 Regulation of peptide secretion 5.12E−05 4.85E−02
Hyper-methylated 3′UTR GO:0002700 Regulation of production of molecular mediator of immune response 6.12E−05 4.85E−02
Hyper-methylated 3′UTR GO:0045429 Positive regulation of nitric oxide biosynthetic process 1.02E−04 4.85E−02
Hypo-methylated TSS1500 GO:0002283 Neutrophil activation involved in immune response 2.28E−21 3.68E−18
Hypo-methylated TSS1500 GO:0043312 Neutrophil degranulation 2.28E−21 3.68E−18
Hypo-methylated TSS1500 GO:0002446 Neutrophil mediated immunity 2.44E−21 3.68E−18
Hypo-methylated TSS1500 GO:0042119 Neutrophil activation 4.16E−21 4.70E−18
Hypo-methylated TSS1500 GO:0036230 Granulocyte activation 7.50E−21 6.78E−18
Hypo-methylated TSS200 GO:0002446 Neutrophil mediated immunity 5.50E−25 1.89E−21
Hypo-methylated TSS200 GO:0036230 Granulocyte activation 2.75E−24 4.72E−21
Hypo-methylated TSS200 GO:0002283 Neutrophil activation involved in immune response 6.79E−24 5.84E−21
Hypo-methylated 5′UTR GO:0002446 Neutrophil mediated immunity 4.53E−19 1.10E−15
Hypo-methylated 5′UTR GO:0002283 Neutrophil activation involved in immune response 8.81E−19 1.10E−15
Hypo-methylated 5′UTR GO:0043312 Neutrophil degranulation 8.81E−19 1.10E−15
Hypo-methylated 5′UTR GO:0042119 Neutrophil activation 1.33E−18 1.25E−15
Hypo-methylated 5′UTR GO:0036230 Granulocyte activation 2.01E−18 1.51E−15
Hypo-methylated 1stExon GO:0002446 Neutrophil mediated immunity 1.28E−20 3.48E−17
Hypo-methylated 1stExon GO:0002283 Neutrophil activation involved in immune response 3.38E−20 3.48E−17
Hypo-methylated 1stExon GO:0043312 Neutrophil degranulation 3.38E−20 3.48E−17
Hypo-methylated 1stExon GO:0042119 Neutrophil activation 4.97E−20 3.84E−17
Hypo-methylated 1stExon GO:0036230 Granulocyte activation 7.27E−20 4.50E−17
Hypo-methylated Body GO:0042119 Neutrophil activation 7.07E−14 1.49E−10
Hypo-methylated Body GO:0036230 Granulocyte activation 1.09E−13 1.49E−10
Hypo-methylated Body GO:0002446 Neutrophil mediated immunity 1.41E−13 1.49E−10
  1. TSS transcription start site, TSS1500 within 1500 bps of a TSS, TSS200 within 200 bps of a TSS, UTR untranslated region, 1stExon the first exon of a gene