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Table 1 List of top enriched GO terms and KEGG pathways of DEGs

From: Identification of potential blood biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease by gene expression and DNA methylation data integration analysis

Direction Terms ID Description p value p adjust
Upregulated BP GO:0036230 Granulocyte activation 2.18E−46 7.79E−43
Upregulated BP GO:0002446 Neutrophil mediated immunity 4.19E−46 7.79E−43
Upregulated BP GO:0042119 Neutrophil activation 4.90E−46 7.79E−43
Upregulated BP GO:0002283 Neutrophil activation involved in immune response 1.10E−45 1.05E−42
Upregulated CC GO:0030667 Secretory granule membrane 2.91E−23 1.57E−20
Upregulated CC GO:0042581 Specific granule 2.18E−21 5.87E−19
Upregulated CC GO:0070820 Tertiary granule 3.46E−19 6.21E−17
Upregulated CC GO:0034774 Secretory granule lumen 2.28E−15 3.06E−13
Upregulated CC GO:0060205 Cytoplasmic vesicle lumen 5.00E−15 5.09E−13
Upregulated MF GO:0003779 Actin binding 1.70E−08 1.37E−05
Upregulated MF GO:0031267 Small GTPase binding 1.58E−06 3.59E−04
Upregulated MF GO:0019902 Phosphatase binding 1.59E−06 3.59E−04
Upregulated MF GO:0051020 GTPase binding 1.78E−06 3.59E−04
Upregulated KEGG hsa04380 Osteoclast differentiation 4.91E−12 1.32E−09
Upregulated KEGG hsa04650 Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity 1.44E−11 1.94E−09
Upregulated KEGG hsa04142 Lysosome 6.26E−09 5.61E−07
Upregulated KEGG hsa04612 Antigen processing and presentation 8.95E−09 6.02E−07
Upregulated KEGG hsa04145 Phagosome 3.97E−08 2.14E−06
Downregulated MF GO:0005200 Structural constituent of cytoskeleton 1.42E−04 3.5E−02
  1. BP biological process, MF molecular function, CC cell component, KEGG Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes