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Fig. 2

From: Epigenetic biomarker screening by FLIM-FRET for combination therapy in ER+ breast cancer

Fig. 2

FLIM-FRET screening results from MCF7 cell and patient tissue. a Summarized lifetime information of the FRET donor (mean ± s.d.). b Calculated average FRET efficiency based on lifetime values. FRET efficiency of 5% is set as the threshold. c FLIM-FRET screening results from MCF7 cell immunostaining indicates H4K12ac, H3K27ac, MBD2, and 5fC are in close proximity with ERα. Data from 3 independent immunostains with 15 cells analyzed in each experiment. d FLIM-FRET screening from ER+ patient tissue array shows H4K12ac, H3K27ac, and MBD2 as potential treatment targets, n = 30. Data shown as boxplot with values of minimum, 5% percentile, 25% percentile, median, 75% percentile, maximum, and mean (center square marks)

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