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Table 3 List of antibodies used in this study

From: The histone methyltransferase DOT1L is required for proper DNA damage response, DNA repair, and modulates chemotherapy responsiveness

Name Cat. No Company Application
γH2AX 05-636 Millipore WB, IF
53BP1 sc-22760 Santa Cruz WB, IF
ATM A1106 Sigma WB
pATM (Ser1981) 4526 Cell Signaling WB
CtIP 61141 Active Motif WB
DOT1L A310-953A Bethyl Laboratories WB
H2B ab19847 Abcam WB
H3 ab10799 Abcam WB
H3K79me3 C15410068 (pAb-068) Diagenode WB, IF
H3K9me3   Diagenode WB
H3K9me2 mAb154-050 Diagenode WB
HSC70 sc-7298 Santa Cruz WB
KAP1 A300-274A Bethyl Laboratories WB
pKAP1 (S824) A300-767A Bethyl Laboratories WB, IF
RAD51 sc-8349 Santa Cruz WB
pRAD51 ab111568 Abcam WB
RPA1 NA13 Calbiochem WB