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Table 2 Summary of dot blot evaluation of antibody specificity

From: DNA methylation and histone post-translational modification stability in post-mortem brain tissue

Peptide Antibody
Total H3 Total H4 H3K27ac H3K14ac H4K5ac H4K12ac H3panAc H3K4me3 (Abcam) H3K4me3 (Active Motif) H3K27me2 H3K27me3 H3K36me3
Histone mix   Strong           None
Unmodified H3 Strong None None None    None   [Weak]   None  
Unmodified H4 None [None]    None None       
H3K4me         [Weak] [Weak]    
H3K4me2         [Weak] [Strong] [Weak]   
H3K4me3         Strong Strong    [Weak]
H3K9me None            
H3K9me2   None         [Weak]   
H3K9me3         [Weak] [Weak]   None  
H3K27me           None None  
H3K27me2           [Weak] None  
H3K27me3 None        [Weak] [Strong] Strong Strong [Strong]
H3K36me             None
H3K36me2           [Weak]   [Strong]
H3K36me3         [Weak]    None Strong
H3K14ac    None Strong None None Strong      
H3K27ac None None Strong None None None Weak      
H4K5ac None None    Strong [Weak] None      
H4K12ac   None None None None Strong None      
Summary Specific Specific* Specific Specific Specific Fairly specific Specific Fairly specific Not very specific Fairly specific Specific Fairly specific
  1. “Strong” indicates that the antibody bound to the peptide with strong affinity, “weak” indicates that the antibody bound but with weak affinity, and “none” indicates that the antibody did not bind to the peptide. A blank cell means not applicable, and square brackets [ ] represent an unexpected result
  2. *A discussion with the manufacturer suggested the unmodified H4 peptide may have been a bad or incorrect batch