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Fig. 8

From: DNA methylation and histone post-translational modification stability in post-mortem brain tissue

Fig. 8

Bar graphs showing the semiquantitative proportion scores (mean ± 95% confidence intervals; maximum 4) for all epigenetic modification antibodies used in neonatal pig neocortex. DNA cytosine modifications, total histone H4, all histone methylation PTMs, H3K14ac, and H4K12ac were stable up to 72 h post-mortem. Total histone H3 declined after 48 h post-mortem and was significantly decreased at 72 h. H3K9ac was stable at 24 h and decreased significantly thereafter. H3K27ac, H4K5ac, and H4K16ac had all declined by 24 h and were significantly decreased by 48 h. p values for all statistical comparisons shown at bottom. A p value < 0.05 that is not bolded in red did not pass the Benjamini-Hochberg correction

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