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Fig. 6

From: DNA methylation and histone post-translational modification stability in post-mortem brain tissue

Fig. 6

Immunohistochemical detection of histone 3 acetylation PTMs in neonatal pig neocortex. In control brain (0 h) anti-H3K9ac strongly labels nuclei of large neurons (red arrows) and smaller glial cells. Anti-H3K27ac and anti-H4K5ac label smaller glial nuclei (blue arrows) more intensely than those of neurons (red arrows). Anti-H3K14ac labels only smaller glial nuclei. Photomicrographs show a loss of immunoreactivity in large neurons but not glial cells (note different time points at which change was first observed). Images taken at × 400 magnification. DAB detection of antibody (brown) and hematoxylin counterstain (blue)

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