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Table 2 The 9 CpGs that composes the epigenetic fingerprint of MI

From: Analysis of repeated leukocyte DNA methylation assessments reveals persistent epigenetic alterations after an incident myocardial infarction

CpG CHR BP (Mb) Gene/Locus Relation to island (UCSC) Enhancer DHS
cg23541257 1 53.8 KCNN1 South shelf   
cg08193363 1 55.35 FRY North shore   Yes
cg21609024 1 145 LRP8    
cg10073091 1 171 DHCR24 North shore   
cg07311024 6 166 GLIPR1L2 Island   Yes
cg23074119 12 75.79 ALKBH1    
cg11955541 13 32.61 PDE4DIP Island Yes Yes
cg00699486 14 78.17     
cg03458344 19 18.1 C1orf129    
  1. Annotations to genes are based on physical proximity. Annotations are based on location and provided in the manifest file for the 450 K methylation array by Illumina
  2. BP base pair location of the CpG, CpG methylation probe, DHS DNase I hypersensitivity site, Mb megabases, UCSC University of California, Santa Cruz genome browser-based annotation