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Table 6 Relative change in geometric mean B4 breast composition (95% CI) associated with a doubling of cell composition corrected mean Tanner 2 ER-α methylation that is significantly (LRT, p<0.05) modified by specific EDC biomarker concentrations

From: Inverse association between estrogen receptor-α DNA methylation and breast composition in adolescent Chilean girls

Outcome    EDC categoryb
EDC LRT p valuea High Low
Total breast volume (cm3)
  MCNP 0.036 1.03 (0.93–1.14) 0.97 (0.87–1.09)
Fibroglandular volume (cm3)
  MCNP 0.014 1.06 (0.95–1.19) 0.93 (0.82–1.07)
  Benzophenone-3 0.023 0.93 (0.82–1.05) 1.07 (0.94–1.21)
  Methyl paraben 0.041 0.95 (0.83–1.09) 1.04 (0.93–1.17)
  1. aLikelihood ratio test (LRT) p-value comparing a model for log transformed breast composition that includes log-transformed cell composition corrected mean ER-α methylation, log-transformed EDC biomarker concentration, fat percentage and age at breast density measurement, and maternal education, to a model that additionally includes an interaction between log-transformed methylation level and log transformed EDC biomarker concentration. Restricting to models for which the statistical interaction term significantly (p<0.05) improved model fit
  2. bRelative change in geometric mean breast composition associated with a doubling of percent methylation, stratifying by dichotomized (by the median) EDC metabolite concentrations, adjusting for fat percentage and age at breast density measurement, and maternal education