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Table 2 Main lncRNAs associated with triple-negative breast cancer

From: Long non-coding RNAs: implications in targeted diagnoses, prognosis, and improved therapeutic strategies in human non- and triple-negative breast cancer

Author lncRNA Alteration in TNBC Function/characteristics
Augoff et al. 2012 [127] LOC554202 Upregulated MIR31 host gene, regulates proliferation and migration in breast cancer cells and promotes hypermethylation of miR31 in TNBC
Chen et al. 2015 [110] LINC00993 Upregulated Associated with the expression of the estrogen receptor and the expression levels of ANKRD30A
TCONS_l2_00002973 Upregulated Associated with the expression of the estrogen receptor.
TCONS_l2_00003939 Upregulated Associated with the expression of the estrogen receptor.
TCONS_l2_00002974 Upregulated Associated with the expression of the estrogen receptor.
Eades et al. 2015 [118] lincRNA-RoR Upregulated Prevents the core TFs from miRNA-mediated suppression in self-renewing human SC
Wang et al. 2015 [119] HOTAIR Upregulated Regulates chromatin state. It is required for gene silencing of the HOXD locus by PRC2, highly expressed in metastatic breast cancers. High levels of expression in primary breast tumors are a significant predictor of subsequent metastasis and death
MALAT1 Upregulated Alternative splicing, nuclear organization, epigenetic modulating of gene expression, and a number of evidences indicate that MALAT1 also closely relate to various pathological processes, ranging from diabetes complications to cancer. It regulates the expression of metastasis-associated genes, with proliferation, motility, and apoptosis evasion
Lin et al. 2016 [10] LINK-A (also known as LOC339535 and NR_015407) Upregulated Is an RNA of binding to kinases that phosphorylate HIF 1 alpha in different sites to the canonical ones in human cancer
RMST Downregulated Tumor suppressor
Yang et al. 2016 [79] LINC01234 Up/downregulated Oncogene/tumor suppressor
Koduru et al. 2017 [9] lnc-DNAJC16 Upregulated Belonging to the DnaJ heat shock protein family, functions in protein translation, translocation and degradation
lnc-PURA Upregulated It is a sequence-specific, multi-functional single-stranded-DNA/RNA-binding protein and RNA-binding protein which can act as a transcriptional activator and repressor
  1. lncRNA, long non-coding RNA; ANKRD30A, Ankyrin repeat domain 30A; TFs, transcription factors; miRNA, microRNA; PRC2, polycomb repressive complex 2; HIF-1α, hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha; lincRNA-RoR, long intergenic non-protein coding RNA, regulator of reprogramming; HOTAIR, HOX transcript antisense RNA; MALAT1, metastasis-associated lung adenocarcinoma transcript 1; LINK-A, long intergenic noncoding RNA for kinase activation; RMST, rhabdomyosarcoma 2-associated transcript