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Table 4 Optimal sensitivity and specificity for the detection of CIN3 for hrHPV type (HPV16/18, others) and the miRNA classifier in conjunction with hrHPV type based on a smaller sample set with known hrHPV type infection and leave-one-out cross-validation

From: Triage of high-risk HPV-positive women in population-based screening by miRNA expression analysis in cervical scrapes; a feasibility study

Panel AUC Cutoff Sensitivity % Specificity % p value*
Single marker
 HPV type 0.445 n.a. 65.7 67.7 0.266
Multiple markers
 miR-15b-5p/375 0.622 0.656 55.6 69.2 0.008
 miR-15b-5p/375/HPV 0.712 0.666 63.0 76.9 5.8 e-07
  1. *p value: comparison between the miRNA classifier and a random classifier with an AUC of 0.5
  2. CIN cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, AUC area under the curve, n.a not applicable