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Table 1 Candidate miRNAs

From: Triage of high-risk HPV-positive women in population-based screening by miRNA expression analysis in cervical scrapes; a feasibility study

miRNA Regulation [17] Potential regulation mechanism [17, 18] Class [17]
miR-9-5p Up Chromosomal gain (1q) Late
miR-15b-5p Up Chromosomal gain (3q) Late
miR-28-5p Up Chromosomal gain (3q) Early continuous
miR-100-5p Down Chromosomal loss (11q) Late
miR-125b-5p Down Chromosomal loss (11q) Late
miR-149-5p Down DNA methylation Early continuous
miR-203a-3p Down DNA methylation Early continuous
miR-375 Down DNA methylation Late