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Fig. 3

From: Epigenetic aging of human hematopoietic cells is not accelerated upon transplantation into mice

Fig. 3

Lineage-specific DNA methylation changes. a Correlation of flow cytometric analysis of human CD45+ (hCD45+) bone marrow (BM) cells compared to results of a deconvolution algorithm to estimate the composition of cell types based on DNA methylation (DNAm) profiles (Houseman predictor) [9]. R, Pearson correlation coefficient. b DNAm levels (β values) of CpGs within the gene CD19 for various hematopoietic subsets from peripheral blood (GSE35069), umbilical cord blood (CB; GSE40799), and from BM of humanized mice (HuMice; GSE103010). c Heatmap of 330 CpGs with highest differential DNAm in B cells as compared to other mature cell types (GSE35069, delta of mean β values > 0.7 or < − 0.7; SD < 0.1). DNAm profiles of B cell precursors were subsequently included for comparison (GSE45459; multipotent progenitors = CD34++CD19; Pre-B-I cells = CD34+CD19+; Pre-B-II cells = CD34CD19+sIgM; immature B cells = CD34CD19+sIgM+; sIgM = surface IgM). The heatmap is sorted by mean DNAm levels in HuMice

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