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Fig. 4

From: Neonatal exposure to hyperoxia leads to persistent disturbances in pulmonary histone signatures associated with NOS3 and STAT3 in a mouse model

Fig. 4

Expression and histone modifications after the first and second period of hyperoxia. ac Expression and histone modifications are shown for NOS3, STAT3α, and NFE2L2. Light blue bars represent experimental group 2 (P8, immediately after hyperoxia), medium blue experimental group 3 (P16, 8 days after hyperoxia) and dark blue group 6 (P16, immediately after the second hyperoxia). Red bars represent unexposed adolescent mice after exposure to hyperoxia (group 4). All data is normalized to the control group, i.e., unexposed mice sacrificed at day 7 of life (group 1). Every group contained five animals. Error bars indicated 95% CI. Asterisks indicate significant difference to the control group (p < 0.05). d, e Results of microRNA profiling of group 1 (P8, control group), groups 2 and 5 (P8, immediately after hyperoxia), and group 6 (P16, immediately after the second hyperoxia)

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