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Fig. 3

From: Neonatal exposure to hyperoxia leads to persistent disturbances in pulmonary histone signatures associated with NOS3 and STAT3 in a mouse model

Fig. 3

Neonatal hyperoxia leads to hypoalveologenesis at P8. a, b The lungs of the normoxia group at P8 (group 1) show normal developed alveoli. c, d The lungs from the hyperoxia group (group 2) at P8 after exposure to 85% oxygen from P0 to P8 reveal a significant hypoalveologenesis with dilated alveoli and increased airspace macroscopically due to disturbed secondary septa formation. H&E. e, f Immunofluorescence staining on P8 comparing normoxia (e, group 1) versus hyperoxia (f, group 2) show higher expression after hyperoxia. a, c × 100; bf × 400

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