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Table 4 All significant gene expression correlations associated with the 340 significantly differentially methylated sites in transcriptional cluster 3 placentas (N = 5) compared to transcriptional cluster 1 placentas (N = 19), corrected for fetal sex and gestational age at delivery

From: Epigenetic regulation of placental gene expression in transcriptional subtypes of preeclampsia

Probe Gene Locationa Enhancer Pearson r FDR q value
cg03983223 WIPF1 1stExon-open sea FALSE − 0.74 4.45E-03
cg05544807 DNMT3A Body-island FALSE − 0.73 4.45E-03
cg22462240 LGALS3BP IGR-open sea FALSE − 0.74 4.45E-03
cg18275589 DAB2 IGR-shelf FALSE − 0.72 5.02E-03
cg09258479 PDZK1IP1 TSS200-open sea FALSE − 0.69 7.40E-03
cg07593977 CTSB IGR-open sea TRUE − 0.69 7.40E-03
cg24506086 TEAD1 Body-open sea TRUE − 0.66 1.40E-02
cg17850498 ECE1 Body-open sea TRUE − 0.65 1.65E-02
cg07349094 AFF3 1stExon-open sea FALSE 0.64 1.65E-02
cg03821121 MICAL2 5′UTR-open sea TRUE − 0.65 1.65E-02
cg04885072 MGST1 Body-open sea TRUE 0.63 1.94E-02
cg00874480 MGST1 Body-open sea TRUE 0.62 2.45E-02
cg11535839 FOSL2 IGR-open sea FALSE − 0.61 2.59E-02
cg05305434 LSP1 TSS200-open sea FALSE − 0.61 2.72E-02
cg23170988 SNCG Body-open sea FALSE − 0.60 3.17E-02
cg05929019 LAMC2 TSS200-open sea FALSE − 0.59 3.75E-02
cg15300730 ZFP36L2 TSS1500-shore FALSE − 0.58 3.75E-02
cg22234930 PKM 5′UTR-shelf FALSE − 0.58 3.83E-02
  1. aTSS transcription start site, IGR intergenic region, UTR untranslated region