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Fig. 4

From: Prognostic DNA methylation markers for sporadic colorectal cancer: a systematic review

Fig. 4

Forest plots of reported methylation markers in colorectal cancer studies. Forest plots were prepared for methylation markers that were reported in two or more publications or study populations. The hazard ratios (HR) are sorted according to the REMARK score. HRs with a statistically significant association are depicted with a solid line; HRs of reported markers with no significant association are depicted with a dotted line; HRs of subgroup analyses are depicted in blue. Univariate HRs and confidence intervals (CI) are reported unless multivariate HRs were available (a). As for IGFBP3 and TFAP2E the HRs of the study of Perez-Carbonell et al. [90] and Zhang et al. [117], respectively, were both associated with worse survival. For this figure, the HR was reversed for visualization purposes (b). A multivariate HR for BNIP3 methylation was available in the study of Shimizu et al., however was not statistically significant (c)

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