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Table 5 Gene ontology (GO) analysis for cerebral palsy-associated DMRs. (DM: differentially methylated; FDR: false discovery rate)

From: Epigenome-wide analysis in newborn blood spots from monozygotic twins discordant for cerebral palsy reveals consistent regional differences in DNA methylation

GO ID GO term Ontology No. of genes DM genes Unadjusted p value FDR
GO:0002705 Positive regulation of leukocyte mediated immunity BP 80 5 4.57E-10 9.60E-06
GO:0002703 Regulation of leukocyte mediated immunity BP 139 5 7.48E-09 5.26E-05
GO:0002699 Positive regulation of immune effector process BP 142 5 7.52E-09 5.26E-05
GO:0050715 Positive regulation of cytokine secretion BP 91 4 8.69E-08 4.56E-04
GO:0002443 Leukocyte mediated immunity BP 258 5 1.42E-07 5.95E-04
GO:0002697 Regulation of immune effector process BP 291 5 4.04E-07 1.09E-03
GO:0042742 Defence response to bacterium BP 204 4 4.13E-07 1.09E-03
GO:0050778 Positive regulation of immune response BP 571 6 4.17E-07 1.09E-03
GO:0050707 Regulation of cytokine secretion BP 135 4 5.96E-07 1.39E-03
GO:0050663 Cytokine secretion BP 154 4 9.84E-07 2.06E-03
GO:0001819 Positive regulation of cytokine production BP 360 5 1.32E-06 2.52E-03
GO:0002876 Positive regulation of chronic inflammatory Response to antigenic stimulus BP 2 2 1.61E-06 2.81E-03
GO:0050776 Regulation of immune response BP 769 6 1.82E-06 2.82E-03
GO:0002682 Regulation of immune system process BP 1191 7 1.88E-06 2.82E-03
GO:0002874 Regulation of chronic inflammatory response to antigenic stimulus BP 3 2 2.15E-06 3.00E-03
GO:0050830 Defence response to Gram-positive bacterium BP 68 3 2.45E-06 3.22E-03
GO:0002925 Positive regulation of humoral immune response mediated by circulating immunoglobulin BP 4 2 2.82E-06 3.48E-03
GO:0002678 Positive regulation of chronic inflammatory response BP 4 2 3.23E-06 3.76E-03
GO:0002718 Regulation of cytokine production involved in immune response BP 52 3 3.84E-06 4.24E-03
GO:0002684 Positive regulation of immune system process BP 820 6 4.24E-06 4.44E-03