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Table 3 Top 20 gene ontology (GO) terms (BP = biological process) analysed for the 1000 top-ranked CP-associated DMPs

From: Epigenome-wide analysis in newborn blood spots from monozygotic twins discordant for cerebral palsy reveals consistent regional differences in DNA methylation

GO ID GO term Ontology No. of genes DM genes Unadjusted p value
GO:0098609 Cell-cell adhesion BP 1091 90 8.27E-06
GO:0007156 Homophilic cell adhesion via plasma membrane adhesion molecules BP 149 25 1.70E-05
GO:0042098 T cell proliferation BP 157 18 2.91E-05
GO:0042129 Regulation of T cell proliferation BP 133 16 3.28E-05
GO:0046649 Lymphocyte activation BP 557 46 6.47E-05
GO:0032729 Positive regulation of interferon-gamma production BP 58 10 7.55E-05
GO:0070661 Leukocyte proliferation BP 241 23 9.24E-05
GO:0001775 Cell activation BP 811 61 9.70E-05
GO:0050863 Regulation of T cell activation BP 270 26 1.27E-04
GO:0022610 Biological adhesion BP 1611 117 1.28E-04
GO:1903037 Regulation of leukocyte cell-cell adhesion BP 284 27 1.30E-04
GO:0070663 Regulation of leukocyte proliferation BP 187 19 1.66E-04
GO:0045321 Leukocyte activation BP 656 50 1.93E-04
GO:0007159 Leukocyte cell-cell adhesion BP 442 37 2.27E-04
GO:0098742 Cell-cell adhesion via plasma-membrane adhesion molecules BP 214 27 2.32E-04
GO:0050865 Regulation of cell activation BP 437 37 2.37E-04
GO:0016337 Single organismal cell-cell adhesion BP 669 54 2.49E-04
GO:0032649 Regulation of interferon-gamma production BP 85 11 2.51E-04
GO:0007155 Cell adhesion BP 1606 115 2.56E-04
GO:0045601 Regulation of endothelial cell differentiation BP 28 7 2.75E-04
  1. DM differentially methylated, FDR false discovery rate