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Fig. 2

From: A robust internal control for high-precision DNA methylation analyses by droplet digital PCR

Fig. 2

Droplet dPCR amplification plots for individual and combined control assays. a Individual amplification patterns for SYT10, EPHA3, PLEKHF1, and KBTBD4 comprising the 4Plex. Positive droplets are shown in green and negative in black/gray. b Fluorescence amplitude plots for the 4Plex in a representative cell line. The pink line represents the threshold, dichotomizing positive and negative droplets. Left plot: the amplitude value (y-axis) for individual droplets (x-axis) is depictured (positive droplets, green; negative droplets, black/gray). Right plot: the frequency of droplets (y-axis) at each fluorescence amplitude value (x-axis) is shown. Positive droplets have an amplitude value to the right of the threshold and negative droplets, amplitude value to the left of the threshold. c Fluorescence amplitude plots for an alternative control panel consisting of ALDH1B1, EPHA3, SAMSN1, and SYT10. Abbreviations: IVD, in vitro methylated DNA; NTC, non-template control (i.e., water)

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