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Table 3 Frequency of individuals showing upregulation in all three genes forming the SETDB1-DNMT3a-HDAC1 complex, which interacts with Tat

From: Expression profiling of chromatin-modifying enzymes and global DNA methylation in CD4+ T cells from patients with chronic HIV infection at different HIV control and progression states

Type of patient SEDTB1 + DNMT3A + HDAC1 complex  
Upregulated p value
HIV negative (n = 32)   5 (16%) < 0.001
HIV positive Noncontroller (n = 26) 8 (31%)
cART recipient (n = 25) 19 (76%)
HIV-controller(n = 34) 11(32%)
  1. Due to missing values, only patients with expression values for SEDTB1, DNMT3A, and HDAC1 were included in this analysis (n = 117). P value indicates differences between the cART recipients compared to the other subgroups