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Table 3 Most of the integration events were located in previously reported hot spots in the human genome

From: Identification of reliable biomarkers of human papillomavirus 16 methylation in cervical lesions based on integration status using high-resolution melting analysis

Gene Locus Frequency Virus breakpoint sites
MYC 8q24 6 nt3467, nt3392, nt1886, nt1960, nt2210
SLC7A1 1p32.3 2 nt3467, nt3371
MYF5 12q21 1 nt5619
SLITRK5 3q26.1 2 nt3867, nt1974
RAB39A 10q26.11 2 nt5619, nt5311
CD53 1p13.3 2 nt5834, nt2663
TMEM219 16p11.2 2 nt5320, nt5365
BRCA1 17q21 3 nt3467, nt1869, nt2331
ZFP91 19q12 5 nt5812, nt5789, nt1890, nt2759, nt2860
LOC642587 1q32.2 1 nt5365
SLIT3 5q35.1 1 nt3272
ZNF595 4p16.3 3 nt5623, nt5521, nt2601
CD34 1q32.2 2 nt5619, nt2775
CDK14 7q21.13 2 nt5796, nt1903
RAB9B Xq22.2 1 nt5353
STK24 13q32 2 nt2254, nt2684
SH3BP2 4p16 1 nt5296
SLITRK2 Xq27.3 4 nt5794, nt5321, nt5561, nt2117
TNFAIP2 14q32.3 2 nt2735, nt2115
ZNF519 18p11 2 nt5826, nt2260
TNFSF15 9q32 1 nt5207
SLC4A3 2q35 2 nt2789, nt2334
MYO1H 12q24 1 nt5897
SPANXN1 Xq27.3 2 nt2677, nt2892
MRPL17 11p15.4 2 nt1908, nt2741
OR2AG1 11p15.4 2 nt5783, nt2332
FANCC 9q22 2 nt3467, nt2467
SLC1A3 5p13.2 1 nt2887
LRP1B 2q21 2 nt5811, nt1899
SOX6 11p15.2 2 nt2434, nt2561
LOC401097 3q25 1 nt3592
SLC13A1 7q31 1 nt1899
MYBPC1 12q23 1 nt2770
SLC38A4 12q13 2 nt1889, nt2654
CYP7A1 8q12 2 nt2735, nt1899
ATPBD4 15q14 2 nt2017, nt2229
SOX2 3q26 3 nt3226, nt2115, nt2095
CADM2 3p12 3 nt2735, nt1899, nt2833
LOC728410 10q26 2 nt3309, nt3596
PRKX Xp22 3 nt5964, nt5790
GAP43 3q13 1 nt2735
TFPI 2q32 2 nt3584, nt2607
PPP2R3A 3q22 2 nt2774, nt2601
MCTP1 5q15 1 nt3206
HLF 17q22 2 nt5934, nt5821
CLTCL1 22q11 1 nt3201
LPPR4 1p21 2 nt5797, nt2735
SLC5A3 21q22 1 nt1899
ZNF165 6p22 1 nt3298
STK24 13q32.2 1 nt2392
C5orf39 5p12 1 nt1899
PCDH17 13q21 1 nt3577
STK11 19p13.3 1 nt1923
TMEM26 10q21 1 nt3318
HLA-E 6p22 1 nt5867
FAM82A1 2p22.2 1 nt2397
CD44 11p13 2 nt3215
FAM131C 1p36.13 1 nt6854
SLBP 4p16.3 1 nt2662
SOX17 8q12.1 1 nt2735
PRKCA 17q24.2 1 nt3596
PAH 12q23.2 1 nt7458
  1. Integration gene and frequency of the human genome and breakpoints of HPV16 occurred in all samples